Allied Merchant Program

of SOMA Pilipinas


Our goal is to re-establish SOMA Pilipinas as a vibrant Filipino cultural district. Currently, SOMA Pilipinas lacks a corridor of businesses that so many other cultural districts have. AMP is a coalition of community conscious entrepreneurs and professionals collaborating to actively place, accelerate, and nurture our businesses in the cultural district.



B2C businesses like food and retail need the help of B2B businesses like lawyers, marketers, photographers to grow.

We provide a place for them to meet and mingle.


AMP pools resources, money, and talent to develop collaborative projects that support our members’ businesses and establish a vibrant commercial corridor in the SOMA Pilipinas cultural district.


Like many cultural districts, we’re establishing a coalition of entrepreneurs who believe that success comes from reinvesting in the community and each other.

$10,000* in Grants for Our Members

All our members donate $100 a year in to pool our resources and offer collaboration grants to members.

Charter Members

Learn More at our Meet-up

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